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Our adhesive tape solutions will increase productivity, safety, and reliability.

Offering Support for Electrification of Vehicles’ Drivetrains

Our state-of-the- art adhesive solutions are used mainly in battery manufacturing to improve production lines, increase safety, and ensure reliability.

We support the transformation of the automotive industry towards the electrification of vehicles’ drivetrains. Our adhesive tapes, foams and insulation materilas are specially made to fulfill demanding automotive requirements, and we are constantly developing new adhesive tapes specifically for electrical and hybrid vehicles in close cooperation with the world’s leading OEMs and tiered suppliers.

We Support You Along the Way

Applications for Cells

We provide tape solutions for a reliable production.

Applications for Battery Modules

From thermal management to electrical insulation – we support your applications.

Applications for Battery Packs

Our adhesive tape solutions can seal the battery pack and control moisture.

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