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Areas of  Health-care

If it concerns the welfare of people, the requirements are high. We meet the very high standards of quality that the healthcare market demands.

  • Life sciences / diagnostics
  • Wound care
  • Medical devices
  • Other health care markets

When it comes to Health

Life sciences / diagnostics

Hungarotape converts and fabricates pressure sensitive (PSA) and non-PSA materials used in life sciences and diagnostics. We support our customers in the early stages of product development. 

Wound care

Hungarotape converts and fabricates adhesive systems for wound care that are non-sensitizing and non-migratory. The adhesives that we use are highly breathable and long-lasting.

Medical devices

Hungarotape is strategically involved with medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEM). With our converting machines we can supply various types of die-cut, laminated, slit medical tape products.

Other health care markets

Hungarotapes converts and fabricates adhesive systems for a lot of other healthcare markets and applications.

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